ROTHSTEIN Metal Conveyor Belts

We are the midsize family enterprise with our headquarter in Reichshof-Brüchermühle near Cologne and we deliver wire mesh belts around the world. Since more than 45 years we produce mesh belts, for all applications in a high quality made in Germany.

Today our mesh belts are used in all branches of industry.

Originally designed for the glass-processing industry, in the course of time we specialized the wire mesh also in the high temperature area and so in the field of heat treatment. Through our continuous development and the increasing demands of our clients we produce metal conveyor belts for temperatures from -196° C degrees to +1200° C degrees.

The application field from our wire mesh covers the area of heat treatment, annealing lehr manufacturing, hollow glass industry, automotive fasteners, vehicle engine parts and the food industry. Also in sintering furnaces, oven dryers, annealing quenching and annealing furnaces you can trust the quality of our metal conveyor belts.

Especially for the high temperature area till + 1200° C degrees we developed the metal conveyor belts with the homogenous edge, which we are very proud of, because the long lifetime of this wire mesh confirmed our aspiration.

Today, we maintain a range of more than 1,500 different mesh belt types which enables us to produce the optimum conveyor belt for your requirements.

Our wide range of accessories can be combined with the conveyor belts and offers you the best solution for your production.

To find the best solution for and with our clients is our ambition.

Our representatives and experts from Rothstein Metal Conveyor Belts will be glad to assist you at any time.