Type 900 Crossbar belt

Fields of use

Melting industry


Surface technology

Heat treatment

Sand blasting facilities

Washing facilities



Screw conveying

Annealing Lehrs

Quenching belts


Technical specifications

ST Pitch of spiral:

2,0 – 12,0 mm

T Distance between bars:

12,7 / 19,05 / 25,4 / 38,1 / 50,8 mm

d Ø of spirals: Round wire

d Ø of spirals: Flat wire

ø 2,0 – 5,0 mm

1,4 x 0,7 – 4,0 x 2,0 mm

D Ø of crossbars:

4,0 – 10,0 mm

Edge type:

hollow pin chain (H)

Hang-on parts:

welded edge (K)
hollow pin chain (H)guard edge (Ri)
carrier (Mi)
filling elements (Fü)
spacer (Di)

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Fields of use (exapmples)

Many years of experience in manufacturing of metal conveyor belts for various applications and the enormous Know-How with conveyors guarantee a high- quality standard. Occuring problems of daily practise, i.e. with curve moving facilities or diagonal conveyors can be recorded, analyzed and processed fast and convenient by our experienced Field Managers. Especially the manufacturing of Metal conveyor belts for extreme temperatures between -196°C up to +1200 °C, also in agressive atmospheres, are a speciality of ROTHSTEIN Metallfördergurte GmbH.

Continous furnaces / hardening shops

Glass industry

Chemical industry

Food industry

Other fields of use upon request


*Mandatory fields